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How to stay protected from the Corona Virus

There’s been a worldwide outbreak of the Corona Virus, also referred to as COVID-19. Most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but

tips on taking your business online

5 Tips on taking your business online

If you sell a physical product in this day and age, chances are that you need an online store to reach new customers and serve

5 reasons why you need an online store
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5 Reasons why you need an online store

From getting a new apartment to booking a vacation, Almost everyone does everything on their mobile device these days. People are now using their laptops,

How to make the best of your vacation
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Making the best of your vacation in Africa

Vacations are pretty great as they provide a great opportunity to relax and unwind. Vacations are always a great idea especially after working hard. But

money transfer terms everyone should know
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5 Money Transfer Terms everyone should know

Money Transfers generally refer to when one or more means of cashless payment or payment systems are used to complete a financial transaction. When you

all you need to know about travelling to ghana
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All You need to know about travelling to Ghana

Ghana has become a major tourist location in Africa, this can be traced to several reasons such as the abundance of tourist attractions, awesome food

travelling to nigeria
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All you need to know about Travelling to Nigeria

Nigeria is a historical country with rich cultural history, popularly known for its hospitable people and hot smoky jollof rice, it is therefore not a

5 things nigerians are know for
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Naija to the world; 5 things Nigeria gave to the World

Nigeria is a big country in West Africa with a population of about 190 million people, Nigeria is a diverse country with multi-ethnic cultural backgrounds

valentine with Nimerex
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4 Things you can Gift your Loved ones this Valentine.

Valentine’s day is perhaps the most widely acclaimed celebration of love worldwide, on this day people proclaim love to their loved ones and exchange gifts

how to create a nimerex account
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Why You need a Nimerex Account

Financial transactions have an history as old as time itself, from the time of Barter trade when people had to exchange goods for goods or