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What are the Airtime Topup (Steps)?

On the homepage,click on "Airtime Topup", Input Recipient phone, Amount, Add to Cart and Check-out with POINTS. New users must register (add picture of Government issued ID), make payment (Nimerex Points only), submit.

Do I have to register every time I use

No. You only have to register once. Login with your username and password when next you visit.

How can I send money on Nimerex?

Once you register, sign into your nimerex account, click on money transfer, input recipient information, make payment (DEBIT CARDS only), Done. Please note that only approved/verified accounts are sent instantly. Daily Limit is $1800 and Montly limit $9000.

The system keeps telling me to update my account. What do I do?

Please update your account by login into your nimerex account, click profile, view profile, scroll to the bottom of the page and upload required files.

I do not remember my password. What should I do?

Click on forgot password, provide your email address (username) and a temporary password will be sent to you. Ensure that you copy and paste the password to sign in (Do not type).

How do I REFER friends to Nimerex and get REFERRAL-CREDITS for it?

Tell your friends about Nimerex either in person, on Whataapp (messaging APPS), or on social media. Make sure they add "YOUR PHONE NUMBER" during their registration process. The credit automatically goes to your account (as POINTS). To check for your credit, SIGN IN to your Nimerex account, go to "My Profile" and click "My Referrals.

What is a POINT/NIMEREX Points?

POINTS are store credits, which you can use as a mode of payment on Nimerex website or the Mobile APP. 1 POINT = $1.

Can I convert my POINTS into cash?

No. POINTS can only be used to Purchase a Nimerex product (Travel,Vacation, Airtime Credit, etc..) and it does not expire.

What is cashless card and what is the Maximum amount I can send with Cashless card

Cashless Cards are money transfer cards you can purchase at locations listed on our store locator. It allows you transfer money for as low as 99 cents. Each user has a $1500/Day limit ($5000/Month).

How and when do I make the payment for cashless card?

You can purchase cards and make payment at agent-locations.Please click on "store locator" at the buttom of this page

How long does it take for recipient/beneficiary to get Airtime credit or funds?

Credit/Funds will reflect almost immediately on beneficiary's account. Please note that destination bank may decide to place a temporary hold on the transferred amount.

Do you accept Credit Cards or Prepaid Cards?

No. Agent will notify you of payment method at each store.

Why did my transfer fail?

This is likely a network issue; please try again later or call us

Why do I have to upload a copy my identification, to initiate a transaction.

We are required to know our clients and document all transactions. Note: You have to provide Government-issued Identification from the country you are sending from.

I have additional questions and I will like to talk to someone

Please call +1 (800)-516-1014, TEXT +1 234-770-0558 or email:

I want to visit West Africa

Let us show you Ghana and Nigeria. First, go to the vacation section on